About Us

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Our History

Modern auctioneering started in Nigeria over a century ago, and in 1917, the Law of Sales by Auction was enacted. The law was revised in 1958 and amended in 1979. The process of forming the Nigeria Association of Auctioneers began in 1971. A group of committed auctioneers in Lagos were determined to improve the profession’s standard and create a code of conduct that would govern the activities of all practitioners. On the 2nd of December, 1981, the Nigeria Association of Auctioneers finally came into being at J.K. Randle Memorial Hall, Lagos. The Federal Government registered the association under the Land Perpetual Succession Act Law of 1986.

VISION To set auctioneering standards for the protection of members and the public, i.e., both sellers ad buyers.

MISSION NAA’s mission is to achieve the above by pursuing the visionary goals as seen under our aims and objectives and code of conduct.

How to become a member

Membership is open to qualified Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion. The applicant must be literate, above 21 years, and have completed six months to one-year tutelage under a licensed Auctioneer. If the said applicant has no experience under a licensed auctioneer, he/she must have trained in any approved institute of Auctioneering in Nigeria or abroad. Membership candidates are to pick up application forms at the head office. Call our head office on 0701-158-1650, or visit it for more information.


The President NAA

The Nigeria Association of Auctioneers has over the years grown to be the principal auctioneering entity in Nigeria. We offer consultancy services to our clients which include the Federal Government, State Governments, Parastatals, Government agencies and hundreds of corporate organizations across the country. Each year, goods worth billions of naira are resold to increase our clients’ revenue. We also regulate auctioneering services across the nation to ensure all parties involved in every auctioneering process are treated fairly. The NAA has come so far, but in today’s dynamic landscape, we realize there is room to grow even farther. This is why we are building a more visible corporate presence to encourage the next generation of auctioneers to take charge and contribute to our evolution as an organization. On behalf of all association members, I assure you of our continuous commitment to rendering our services with utmost honesty and fair dealing at all times. Thank you.

Alhaji Musa Kurra
President, Nigeria Association of Auctioneers